This is me

Hi! I’m Megan. Growing up my best friend called me “MaeMae”, and to this day we are still besties and she still calls me that! 

Peaches & Potatoes. So, I’m a Georgia girl at heart, although a good portion of my childhood was spent in southeast Idaho surrounded by potato fields and mountains. Living in two very opposite environments/cultures helped shape my enthusiasm for creating meaningful yet orderly spaces. 

I’m also a coaches daughter, through and through! Some of my fondest memories as a child were spent running around the football field, playing in the weight room, and taking great pride in being the water-girl for the high school girls basketball team! Though, much like the states we lived in, my parents were quite opposites as well. My mother acted allergic to sports (still does) and always had a passion for the Classical Arts- which is why I learned to play the piano and cello growing up. You could say I had a good and balanced childhood.

Fast forward to college and I met my crazy, wonderful husband on the good ole’ Chattahoochee River ( rowing for Georgia State). Fun fact- we got married on the side of the very same river! Once we were ready to start building our family, it didn’t come as easy as we expected and our first born baby girl was brought to us through adoption. #AdoptionRocks We now have three beautiful children (one with a disability called Microcephaly) that inspire me to keep pushing, dreaming and doing hard things day-in and day-out.

Growing up in the uniqueness of my childhood, which I just gave you a little peek into, we had few to zero resources for luxury and fluff. This has influenced and helped me to think outside the box in approaching design and style, as I’ve always believed my personal space had to be beautiful and an escape from the outside world- I still do 100%! If you ask me what my design style is, I’d define it as a bit eclectic, a dash of minimalism, and every project is accustomed to my clients’ personality and style. Two things that you’ll always see with my design projects are: 1st, implementing sentimental pieces to add to the holistic design; 2nd, organizing and purging those things of which are not needed (I’ve been “Kondo’ing” way before Netflix existed!). I also have lots of budget friendly hacks I love using with all of my clients!

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