Written Goals

Do you love podcasts? Me too. Although I’m a little late to the game in realizing how informative and uplifting they can be. I’ve been listening to Awesome with Alison and she recently quoted her dad…

“A goal not written is only a wish. If its to be, it’s up to me!”.

This resinated with me for a few reasons but mostly because I read recently you are 95% more likely to achieve a goal when it’s simply written down. The times that I have been diligent in writing down my goals and I’ve looked back on them, almost 100% were achieved. Pretty crazy, right?

The same concept can apply to our homes. If you’ve got a lot of ideas to make your home beautiful- write them down and make a plan! This is my number one priority when working with clients, giving them a plan so they can save money. If you have no direction and you keep buying things just to see if they work- it’s a waste of time and as the saying goes: Time is money! The only instance in which you should make a random purchase for your home is when you REALLY LOVE it!

I’m showing you today my plans/goals for our backyard. It’s not big and we live in a HOA neighborhood which limits us… meaning no chickens or pigs. However! We are still able to have a small box garden, a trampoline, playground and a patio … and I love it! Especially the easy access from the kitchen.

I always make a design board to help me visualize the space and the pieces together. You can do this in Word, Photoshop or Keynote (Apple program)- I use all three in various capacities.

outdoor patio space, budget friendly design plan, goals

Let’s start with the table. There’s really nothing wrong with the existing table except that the chairs aren’t super convenient with the kids. I fell in love with a vintage German Beer Table a few years ago but they can be super pricey. This is where Amazon comes in handy. I found a set for only $105 and envision painting the table and benches to look more worn and vintage. Probably in my favorite kelly green color.

I found this striped umbrella for only $40 from Ace Hardware.

Does it seem odd to have a painting in my exterior design plan? I have some left over plywood in my garage that I want to give a makeover to with some bright colored paints. Stuff I already have lying around. #usethecrapyougot ! To give it a finished look I will frame it with pine using Young House Love’s Tutorial. I’ll hang it using these hooks from Amazon to the left of the french doors. My hope is that it will add a fun pop of color and coziness to this plain patio.

photo credit: Young House Love

I’m not completely sold on the rug and pillows I have shown- but it will make shopping easier since I know what I’m looking for. Same goes for the planters. Who knows, I might get a bee in my bonnet and DIY a few concrete planters to place on each outside corner of the patio. If they are tall enough I can plant some beautiful flowers that will flow over the edge.

To the right of the table we have some bushes that provide privacy but want to plant my herb garden vertically on a horizontal fence that will also allow a place for lights to be hung. I found this simple tutorial and it couldn’t fit the bill better.

photo credit: Always Rooney

If you haven’t noticed already the back of our house is super flat. Nothing exciting happening there- but I saw that Nesting with Grace put up a metal awning and knew it was a great solution for above the french doors. Not only would it add some dimension to our homes flat behind, it would give some cover from the rain and it’s been raining a lot here in Georgia.

photo credit: Nesting with Grace

Since we’re talking about long-term goals here, I want to include a new trampoline and play-set. The play-set came with the house and from my understanding it was rebuilt and I’m not entirely sure how safe. Or maybe the sway of the entire set is just adding to the magic of playing. My oldest daughter is in gymnastics and is doing really well with it so I’d love to invest in a rectangular trampoline for her to practice or learn flips on. Those things may not happen for a while but at least I know what I’m working towards…

Do you have goals for your home that you’re trying to reach? May I suggest making a design board or at the very least- writing them down?(!) I’m excited to take you on this adventure with me to make this back patio more of a colorful, friendly and cozy spot. First things first… a good power-wash.