Microcephaly + Jesus

Microcephaly. Do you know what it is? Or even heard of it? It almost sounds like it could be a type of STD, right? Well it’s not. It’s a medical condition where the brain doesn’t develop properly and our son has it. He’ll be two in April but developmentally is around 3-4 months old. Our days are filled with therapies; PT, OT, ST and Feeding to name a few.

This condition can be caught in the womb but we didn’t find out until he was five months old, after lots of different tests. It was an MRI of the brain that finally gave us the answer. Everyone’s story looks differently, mainly because the spectrum is so broad – some only have a speech delay while others can’t walk, feed themselves or ever talk. Our son is getting stronger and stronger and I fully plan on him walking one day… until then we’re enjoying all the cuddles and working with him at his pace.

As I learn, I hope to share it in this space in hopes to help others. Because I’ll be honest… it can be a lonely road. Especially if you don’t know anyone personally dealing with this particular condition. But if you do know someone but know nothing about what they’re dealing with- don’t hesitate to ask… it shows you care!


Recently I had a conversation with a friend about what worshipping truly means and I loved her perspective on it- She loves to craft and make things and she said that’s her way of worshipping God when she’s not in church or praying. Isn’t that so good? Using the talents God gave us and doing something that brings us happiness is a way of worship! So thankful I have smart and insightful friends I can learn from.

That conversation inspired me to share a few of my favorite art pieces of Jesus (links below). I consider myself a spiritual person and because of this I believe it’s important to fill my home with inspirational art and/or sayings. Spirituality will look different for everyone. Some consider being outside their way of worshipping- if that’s your case- an idea would be to fill your home with photographs you’ve taken on your outside adventures or maybe a souvenir you found on a hike. It all circles back to filling your home with sentimental and meaningful pieces that represent you! Doing simple things like this will help you and others feel like they’re being hugged the moment you walk through the door.

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1.Christ Portrait VII

2. Rescue of the Lost Lamb

3. Sunshine in My Soul

4. Christ in His Red Robe

5. Christ Painting

6. Agony in the Garden